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Award winner in the ‘Gay & Lesbian’ category in the 2013 International Book
Awards, Trans-Kin is a collection of stories from significant others, family
members, friends, and allies of transgender persons (SOFFAs).This 400+ page
guide includes 50 personal stories plus a comprehensive glossary, and a list
of frequently asked questions and resources including books, videos and 
organizations — all of which promote awareness, insight and understanding 
of the transgender community.
The stories in Trans-Kin are funny, uplifting, sad, encouraging, but most of
all helpful to those who are on this journey.
Become aware that you are no longer alone through the stories as well as
the videos and books, discover the meanings of words used in the trans 
community, and find answers to the questions you are afraid to ask of your 
transgender loved one. It’s all here in Trans-Kin.
A Guide for Family & Friends
of Transgender People
About Trans-Kin
The Archer's Violin” by Autumn Yamamoto © 2012

My decision to begin transition, followed by my coming out to my family and close friends created quite a crisis. My wife, children, mother and younger brother are all very loving and supportive, but at the same time they are hurting and mourning and feeling a great sense of loss and confusion. This reaction was — for some strange reason — totally unexpected for me. I vainly imagined that everyone would be as happy as I was about the changes I was making.” 

My wife and I read several books, but they only served to make my wife even more anxious and miserable. It was like we had switched roles emotionally. For the first 4 months my wife would cry herself to sleep most every night. She felt betrayed, tricked, cheated. My wife and I have seen counselors together as well as individually, but I feel like the collection of stories in ‘Trans-Kin’ have done more to help my wife with her ‘transition’ than anything else we have found so far. I have hope that our marriage will survive, mostly because of the deep and enduring love that my wife and I share for one another, but also because of people like Eleanor and Cameron who cared enough to make an effort to help people like us."