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Cairn Christian Church an open and affirming church in Lafayette CO -
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) an open and affirming
Colage: People with a lesbian gay bisexual transgender parent -
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A Guide for Family & Friends
of Transgender People

Trans people, no longer isolated case studies or unusual clinical rarities, are taking our place as a force for change — usually positive —within webs of relationships and the larger world. This compendium by Cam and Eleanor gives everyone something to think about!”

No. 12-November Challenge” by Troy Jones © 2012
Gender Identity Center of Colorado -
Intersex Society of America for people whose anatomy is not
standard male or female -
TNET: PFLAG’s Transgender Network -
Two Spirit National Cultural Exchange for those who identify as Native American and two spirit -
TYFA TransYouthFamily Allies - 

Kimberly Dark -

PFLAG: Parents, Families, Friends, and Allies United with LGBT
PINKessence Transgender Social Network -
Melissa Jeltsen -
Kim Pearson -

Soltahr Tiv-Amanda -

Carol Grever -