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This book must be in the hands of all pastors, teachers,
social workers and everyone in the criminal justice system.
A moving and thought-provoking book. I learned so much from

reading this and I walked away thinking and talking about it 
This book is a MUST have for anyone who knows, loves or is
learning about a transgender person.
The personal articles in Trans-Kin written by SOFFAs are honest, heartfelt stories that bring a new level of understanding 
Trans-Kin provides a good basis for the novice, but is also a comfort to those of us who are very familiar with the community.
Trans-Kin gives voice to all significant others, family members, friends and allies who share in the journey of their transgender
For the full reviews, go to Trans-Kin at
These bright voices of families and partners of transsexual and transgender people round out the picture and
provide dynamic perspectives on what it means to be human and to live in a society that is just beginning to come 
to grips with the range of human variation that has always been here, but has often been made invisible or erased for the
Church” by Jackie Frances © 2012
to what it means to love and support a transgender person.
convenience of others. The status quo no longer reigns; long live the unexpected, the creative and the loving reality of 
—Jamison Green, Author of Becoming a Visible Man
If you are someone who loves a person who is gender variant but needs to understand more, then Trans-Kin is
the book for you! Such diversity of race, ethnicity and geography provides a sense of how common transgender is in
every culture and in all kinds of families. The personal stories are poignantly and even humorously shared with intimate
details that might not happen in a classroom or lecture hall. The appendix provides a comprehensive glossary and resource
lists as well as a pronoun guide. A fascinating and compelling read about an often misunderstood topic!”
—Jean Hodges, National Vice-President of PFLAG
Often overlooked, underserved and misunderstood, the significant others, family members, friends and allies of 
transgender and transsexual people have their own unique experiences that sometimes fade into the background 
when discussion turns to trans issues. Trans-Kin: A Guide for Family and Friends of Transgender People offers a 
diverse collection of voices that all too frequently go unheard. Featuring the personal stories of SOFFAs, from nationally 
known activists to everyday people, Trans-Kin provides a window into the world of our loved ones, friends and

supporters and lets them know that they are not alone.”
—Matt Kailey, trans activist and author of Just Add Hormones: An Insider's Guide
to the Transsexual Experience and Teeny Weenies and Other Short Subjects
A Guide for Family & Friends
of Transgender People
Trans-Kin contains an amazing compilation of stories from an 
ally's point of view of the transition of a transgender person.
for some time.
loved ones.