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A Guide for Family & Friends
of Transgender People

Cam and Eleanor are amazing presenters: thoughtful, sensitive, open and adept at providing safe space for sometimes difficult discussions.”

Cam and Eleanor, co-editors of Trans-Kin are readily available to assist you, your organization or group in how to provide 

support and understanding to transgender individuals and their significant others, family members, friends and allies. Two

of our most popular presentations are listed below, however, we can also customize a presentation or workshop for your   

particular needs. 
Don’t Sit on the SOFFAs: Creating Community, Support and Advocacy for Significant Others, Family Members,

Friends and Allies (SOFFAs) of Transgender Folk.
One objective of this workshop to provide a safe space for trans folks and their SOFFAs to share their own journeys, in some 

ways similar and in other ways quite different, from their trans loved ones. Another objective of the workshop is to provide 

an opportunity for allies to understand better the issues that SOFFAs bring to the trans experience and to discover new ways 

to be an effective ally of the trans community. The third objective of this workshop is to gather more stories from SOFFAs and 
Transgender people often encounter lifelong difficulties in explaining their transitional journeys. However, many trans people 

never consider the lifelong challenges that significant others, family members, friends and allies experience when coming
to terms with and explaining their connection to a transgender loved one. This workshop will engage trans folk and SOFFAs 

by discussing how we all can be better equipped as organizations and community members to provide support not just for

our trans members, but also for their significant others, family members, friends and allies. 
My Loved One Just Told Me They Are Trans: Now What?

transgender people in order to more completely understand SOFFA’s journeys.